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… to the bitchin’ new look of the only Super-Official online store for all your COOPSTUFF needs! What makes US so great? Well, a secret deal with The Man Himself not only makes us the ONLY site where you can get ALL of Coop’s merchandise in one place, but hold onto your undies—We’re now featuring EXCLUSIVE stuff you just won’t find anywhere but here, all of it 100% Coop approved.

And if things look a little different it’s because we’ve done a complete rebuild of the site. (Coopstuff launched at the crack of 1998 and let’s face it a LOT has changed since then!) Without a doubt we’ll miss the old Coopstuff site, but we’re also busting with excitement to drag the old girl into the 21st Century!

Please to enjoy the shiny new site, replete with all the modern conveniences: Search feature, mailing list, smooth navigation, featured items, sale items, a News page blog – holy cannole don’t make us list it all (indoor plumbing still in process)!

What hasn’t changed? We still have the latest in secure online credit card ordering, and you can still go all Luddite and print out an order form and send your check or money order.

Our team of experts is constantly updating, so don’t forget to bookmark, RSS, add to Favorites, or just Join Our Mailing List to make sure you don’t miss out on any of this cutting edge Coopstuff. Be lazy and still have the latest Coop merch!

Our NEWS blog should keep you all, ahem, abreast of Coop’s latest exhibitions and other events of importance, as well as new product announcements.

Oh, and not that we think you don’t know this already, but this is an ART SITE, with some drawings depicting nudity. We’ve got some nifty new piece of code that lets you click once to promise you’re over 18 to keep those naught young eyes safe from evil, and keep us here at Coopstuff safe from The Man.

This not enough info for you? Send an and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have (including how to get this stuff wholesale if you are a retailer)! But be advised, our spam filters are cranked up to eleven, so if you don’t get a response in a day or two please send again.

We hope you enjoy the new site!