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Privacy Policy

California’s Online Privacy Protection Act takes effect July 1, 2004. This requires us to post our policy about information collected from consumers in the State of California.

Coopstuff doesn’t have a formal Privacy Policy—we collect only what we need to process and fill your orders, and we never ever sell, share or otherwise transfer any data on anyone. The only possible exception is when YOU email us asking to be put on Coop’s gallery mailing list. Then we send your info to the gallery Per Your Request.

Just for the hell of it, though, here’s what we need to say to be compliant:

  • Categories of information collected— Information is only collected when you send it to us in email or use our shopping cart, and only for the purpose of processing your order and sending you your goods. We only ask for what we need to do that—your billing and shipping name, address, phone, email, and credit card number, expiration and 3-digit code. We don’t store credit card information at all and nothing is collected from you without your knowledge.
  • How to change your information with us— We’re very low-tech—just send us an .
  • How you would be notified of any change to this policy— Our policy will not change and will be posted here until we are legally instructed that we no longer need to post it.
  • Policy effective date— July 1, 2004